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Start or take your UX career to the next level. Learn about the different methods used by leading designers in the market today. See applied and proven techniques, how to position them and how to facilitate UX design conversations.

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Looking to get a career started in UX design or get from UX designer to Product designer? Request 1 on 1 remote coaching sessions with me, tailored to meet your specific career development needs.

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Join our Open and Free web-classes and on UX design, Design sprint facilitation and other design thinking events. We cover topics on ways of working and how to take your UX career to the next level.


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Design Sprints are not a silver bullet, but can help to get things going or get unstuck or save you a lot of project waste. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions UX career questions answered using years of real life experience.


"NOT  a UX Designer"

Not a UX Designer is a podcast about building better products and the people that make it happen. I speak about the UX Career landscape in South Africa, Design Sprints and other product design stuff. I host some of the industries leading experts making real impact in the world with design.

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