A great companion for solo sprint masters.

In a recent conversation with my friends Jeremy and Sylvain over at mydesignsptint.io. We discussed how their alpha launch of the first all in one design sprint tool went, and some of the quick feedback they have gathered around their new product. Over the past year and a bit that I have been running design sprints solo, this is something that could have come in handy on many occasions. In helping me capture everything while focusing on the facilitation.

Facilitating Design Sprints is tough work. It is a delicate balancing act between keeping the design sprint team’s rhythm, capturing everything in one place, and making sense of everything at the end of the day. I was excited when I connected with Jeremy on LinkedIn in late last year in 2019, we had a lot in common around our interests in running design sprints. I had the privilege to have a look at the early versions of the mydesignsprint online tool and I could not wait on when the rest of the design sprint community would see this. I thought to myself, this is a game-changer. the thing that all the freelance solo sprint masters need, the perfect companion.

Plan, run, capture, and share your sprint.

Mydesignsprint.io packages the design sprint process and puts it into an easy to follow online format that makes planning, running, and capturing the sprint a breeze. With remote design sprints on the rise due to COVID 19, this tool could work better than using online whiteboard tools to facilitate design sprints remotely. I am hoping to have a chance to use mydesignsprint in a real-life design sprint with the internal team at blackfruitpixel sometime soon.

In this interview we spoke about where the need for this tool came from, once again confirming that innovation that is born out of pain. A few months ago Jeremy and Sylvain found themselves in a situation where they had to run a very quick design sprint, this positioned some challenges in preparing, running, and capturing the sprint. They felt they could use something to make the process of running design sprints better, so they did what any sprint master will do, run a design sprint to solve their problem.

mydesignsprint.io is a tool that was born from a design sprint with a focus on making design sprints better. I am yet to have a view of the alpha version of the tool that has had improvements from the last time I saw it late last year. I am looking forward to doing a review of the tool, have discussions with some of the first alpha users and update this post to give you a full review of the mydesignsprint.io tool.


Although this is only the alpha version of the all in one design sprint tool, it has been received by ht e design sprint community positively and I am looking forward to seeing it comes to the market and become part of every sprint master’s kit. I am also looking forward to seeing the partnerships that may come out of this from the other tools people already use for design sprints effectively.

Find out more about the All in one design sprint tool here: https://www.mydesignsprint.io/ let us know what you think of it in the dobetterux group on LinkedIn. See below. 

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