The past year (2018) was a roller coaster ride for me as an individual, emotionally and spiritually. Gaining clarity of what I want to be in my career and how I want to run my digital business(s) has turned things around for me. There are so many things going on for me right now and it is a great time to be alive. Reflecting back on the beginning of 2018, I was hungry for success but not the kind of success I am hungry for now. It’s different and some things have changed.

I am ready to kick down the doors of opportunity and ready for the hard work that is waiting on the other side. 2019 has been and will be a year of more clarity for me, clarity on what projects I want to work on that will really move the bar higher up in the South African UX design market, the real work that will see success for me and not just archive busyness.

My Story

I began a journey of self-mastery just over 3 months ago, the road had been messy and I am starting to find the ground below my feet to be a bit more steady. The feeling of control in my life and getting better at my craft creates a sense of balance. There are two things I have learned and choose to commit to focus on in 2019 and those are.

I am a creative, digital/online entrepreneur and kick ass in UX design & consulting work also design sprints. I am not saying this to blow my own horn but to help myself and the people around, to help me position myself in this universe of dramatic distraction and self-pity. So that is what I am going to focus on. These two areas of expertise complement each other and help me to live the best of both worlds, being an introvert and an extrovert because both are required.

I took a sit back last year, went a gear lower, the reduced velocity a bit and gained a bit more clarity. I took the time to define what it really takes and mean to be world-class for me and build world-class products and services that help people and people love. The vision is scary and humungous to get it settled in my ego brain and that is why it’s an opportunity.

I have created this space, this blog to share my world with you. I want to invite you to come along this journey with me, as I tackle my way to self-mastery and creating world-class businesses and brands that touch people’s lives. I would like to learn from you if you are reading this because you are the people within my circles of interests and the fact that you are here has a deeper meaning than just this post. It is a meaning of connection and motivation, net worth and belonging. I would like you to be a part of this journey of growth and digital innovation or even invention. This is my invitation to you to help change the world together in the work that we do in our everyday lives.

My Invitation to you

I may be a stranger to you today and we are just connecting through an internet blog post, but the reality is this is the digital age, this is how we connect as human beings now. Our conversations have never been more real and transparent to the world around us than now. The internet is the mother of invention that has and will change the world forever. It is up to you and me to decide what that change will be.

My name is Varima Henry, I am a father, creative, digital explorer and curious problem solver. Welcome to your world through my perspective and context of life.

On this website, I will be sharing my life experiences as a digital entrepreneur and UX design consultant in the South African landscape. I would like to showcase the work that I and my team do, the concepts I am working on and share my opinions on some of the shitty and not so shitty products being made in the industry today. I am not saying that my opinions are right or wrong but just my perspective and I am happy to engage with you.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to tag along this digital entrepreneurship journey with me. Share with me in the comments below how your year has been so far, what you do and what you are doing right now to move the bar in the industry and in your self-mastery.

Also, bookmark and share this website right now to the people that you think would like or find value in the content you will find here.

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