It has been 6 months, which is half a year since I launched this website and started talking about the value of design sprints. The feedback has been awesome and I am only starting to see the effects of my work now. I have met so many influential and interesting people that have helped me grow and understand how sprints work in different environments such as Voice and AI and branding e.t.c.

Creating content and keeping up with talks, everyday work, sprints, and meetings had been a bitch to maintain and be able to be consistent, but I think I am finding my groove and things are starting to fall into place. So expect more podcasts, webinars and the community on Linkedin and Facebook will be getting everyday video updates to keep the conversation going so Join the conversation on Facebook or Linkedin.

I am excited to be speaking about design sprints and my journey at 2 events in the next coming month of November 2019. UX South Africa is one of the biggest UX design stages in South Africa and also being part of the Launch Control program for startups, this is something you really want to look out for if you are a start-up and want to accelerate your learning and the launch of your product or business.

This website will continue to take form and look different over the next six months, I am super excited to see the response of the South African market to design sprints. I am also excited to be part of a force of change that will enable businesses in this country to build better products and services with better user understanding and at speed. Look out for some training events that are coming up in early 2020. I am collaborating with some great minds in the Agile thinking space and we are cooking up a great training session for UX designers working in agile teams as well as Scrum masters and agile practitioners who are interested in doing better UX in their teams.

Looking forward to the next six months of Design sprints, speaking and bringing you a shit load of podcasts and conversations with interesting humans in the Sprint community. I did not take what has happened in the past 6 moths seriously when I was planning it out and the plan is plying out so perfectly that it has captured my attention and is giving me new things to think about and methods to work on.


"Not a UX Designer"

Not a UX Designer is a podcast about building better products and the people that make it happen. I speak about the UX Career landscape in South Africa, Design Sprints and other product design stuff. I host some of the industries leading experts making real impact in the world with design.

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