The Impact of design

As designers we pride our selves in creative problem solving methods and effort worth millions of dollars to businesses. If business invests so much money, then there is real value, real world value to what we bring to the table. We help people build better software everyday, better products that enable the world to be a better place. Our solutions create present experiences and convenience. Now more than ever in the history of mankind we need real problem solving and real innovation. Innovation that saves lives and shape the future of how we interact as human beings.

Have you ever thought we will be living in the age of virtual funerals? Design thinking and Human centered design help us come up with solutions and validate ideas fast, learn and make them better. Helping more people understand this way of thinking and helping them contribute is crucial to any cause that is is in the battle to solve for this world pandemic. While medical doctors and foot solders fight in the front-lines to keep humans alive, it is up to us “designers” to help innovate solutions to keep poor people alive, businesses open and create a new path to a different way of human interaction now and in the future, think of it as 4IR 2.0.

How might we contribute?

Designers have always had an important role in society, to help solve problems better. The role of the design er has changes over the years but what ever you call yourself, the work that you do has a huge impact on peoples everyday lives. Think about it, what if all the things you ever seen or interacted with, payment platforms, interfaces to use the computer you are reading this on. All of that, someone had to think how it is going to make peoples lives better, faster, smoother to get things done.

I would like to invite you to this free problem framing workshop if you are a designer, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Scientist or would like to contribute to help position challenges and solve them. I will be running these online sessions with the help of YouTube and Mural. I am looking forward to joining you in the upcoming sessions.

Join us for a live problem framing session, See how design sprints work, be part of a real design thinking session.
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