run a design sprint in Jo'burg or Cape Town.

5 Day Design Sprint

Define, design, build a prototype and test your big idea in just 5 days. The design sprint will help your team align on your biggest problem and come up with a tangible solution in just one week.

3 Day Product Design Sprint

Embed the design sprint in your agile workflow. The 3-day design sprint can be easily incorporated in 2-week Agile Sprints and helps teams design, test and build better products faster.


"When to Run a Design Sprint."

Watch this latest webinar disscussing, Why you should be running ⚡️Design Sprints⚡️, what problem Sprints solve and  how to decide if it is the right time to Sprint. Join the conversation using #designsprintsa on twitter, facebook, linkedin and instagram.

do better UX in agile teams using design sprints.

Facilitation training

Run a 1 day workshop as a team of 5-12. Learn how to facilitate your own design sprints and how to use design thinking in everyday product ideation and developmet. This one day workshop is for Design leads, Agile scrum masters and Agile teams.

Sprint + Agile coaching

Make design sprints a way of working. I help crossfunctional teams apply design thinking and UX on any Agile project using design sprints. I coach Scrum masters and Design leads on how to make UX a core part of thire Agile process.


The Design Sprint is used internally at Google and within some cutting edge companies.

Originally developed at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a compendium of business strategy, design thinking, and user-centered design. The idea is very simple. Accomplish in five days work that can sometimes last for months. 

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This FREE lighting decision jam (LDJ) is a real-life snapshot of the sprint process and how we can solve big problems at speed.
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